Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hola - Bringing the World Closer

A new add-on for Chrome and Firefox called Hola is attempting to revolutionise the way the internet works by making it faster by accelerating HTTP. One of the best side effects of this is that it sort of censors your location which means you can access a wide variety of sites and content that are geographically restricted. The best thing about it, it's completely free.

This means you can now access the US version of Netflix with a UK account, and wow is it different. I spent close to an hour going through the content and I was very impressed with what I saw (and am now somewhat disappointed by the UK version). Content-wise there's a great deal more TV shows, including some which haven't made it to our side of the pond, as well as many new releases. People with young children will also be interested to know that there are a selection of Disney movies available (including Dumbo, The Aristocats and one of my favourites Basil The Great Mouse Detective). I was pleased to see that there was a lot of British stuff available, including The Vicar of Dibley and Space.

Obviously this feature is only available through your computer which means you can't access the 'HD on your TV feature' but for the most part it's a pretty nice addition.

Hola is currently in Beta which means changes may occur in the future that would restrict certain features but for the time being, it is one of the nicest things to happen in a while.

Check it out at

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got 13 seasons of King of the Hill to plough through.

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