Monday, 11 March 2013

New to Neflix UK - 11/03/13

I didn't expect to see many releases this week after last weeks bounty but it's nice to see some newer films making the collection.

The Hunger Games - To protect her younger sister a girl is forced to fight in the Hunger Games, a blood sport where children from every district fight to the death. A highly entertaining action film that does the book justice, mostly thanks to the highly charismatic performance by the lovely Jennifer Lawrence. (Note: Seek out the Extended Cut for a more brutal version of the film.)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - A British man is called to help introduce the sport of fishing to the mostly water-free country of Yemen. By-the-books rom-com that doesn't really make the most of it's unusual story.

Headhunters - A headhunter finds himself in deep waters when he steals a painting from a ruthless mercenary. Exceptionally good action-thriller from Norway that puts most of the dreck coming out of Hollywood to shame.

Kaboom - The mundane life of a college student is changed forever after a night out goes severely wrong. Very bizarre story from Greg Araki which may annoy more viewers than win over.

Black Mirror (TV) - Charlie Brooker's darkly-sinister series that looks at what would happen in the future if technology was integrated into everyday. Each episode offers up some unique view points that shame us in our addiction to all things electronic.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (AKA Get The Gringo) - Finding himself in a Mexican prison, a professional thief must find a way out before the local crime lord and the men he stole money from kill him. An enjoyable, but throw-away, action film that sees Mel return to top form in the genre he once knew so well.

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