Monday, 12 August 2013

New to Netflix UK - 12/08/13

Some pretty big movies are now available, perfect seeing as how the evenings are now getting shorter.

The Hobbit: An Expected Journey - Bilbo Baggins is roped into a life-or-death adventure to help a group of dwarves defeat a dragon that has taken over their homeland. It may not have been the triumphant return to Middle Earth many were expecting but there's not denying the film is beautifully shot and, if all goes well, the beginning of an epic trilogy.

Cowboys & Aliens - A cowboy finds himself in possession of a strange device that reveals its true purpose when a town is attacked by aliens. It's formulaic and over-filling with western stereotypes, but look past this and you may just find a fun popcorn flick.

Roadhouse - An ex-martial-artist-turned-bouncer lends his services to a troubled bar, but problems arise when he falls in love with the girlfriend of one of the trouble-makers. It's somewhat camp now but this is a movie that still holds the heart and essence of what 80's action movies stood for, which is over-the-top-action and a killer soundtrack.

Shanghai Noon - After the royal princess is kidnapped from China and taken to America, an Imperial Guard must team up with a local outlaw to rescue her. Fun and inoffensive westerner with some great choreographed fight scenes and decent banter between the two leads. Sequel Shanghai Knights is also available and sees the duo travel to London.

Erin Brockovich - A single-down-on-her-luck-mother manages to get a job at a lawyers firm where she begins to notice strange discrepancies involving the Pacific Gas & Electric Company and helps to form one of the greatest class-action lawsuits in American history. Julia Roberts carries the entire movie on her shoulders and pulls it off with such ease that the film is easy to loose yourself within the story and is immensely entertaining to watch.

Celeste and Jesse Forever - A couple, together since high-school, find themselves growing apart and both opt for divorce but as they move further and further from each other, they find their friendship begins to take the strain. It's not a widely-used narrative, but the two leads pull the material off with enough conviction to help forget about any weaknesses in the story and the result is a bittersweet rom-com that shines above the usual riff-raff that plagues the genre.

Antiviral - In a future where diseases caught by celebrities are sold to devout fans, a man must unravel the events surrounding the death of a singer after he injects himself with the same substance that may have killed her. Incredibly twisted little sci-fi thriller that manages to make the most of its high concept plot but Brandon Cronenberg needs to find his own voice rather than emulate that of his fathers.

Sinister - A crime novelist moves his family into a home where a string of murders took place but when he discovers a set of films that contain bizarre footage of the previous owners, he finds his family is about to suffer the same fate as those before. Incredibly creepy, despite having seen it all before, the movie has enough to sway your mind that good horror movies are not a thing of the past.

Also a reminder that the second part of the final season of Breaking Bad has begun and Netflix is adding the episodes to the site a day after the US broadcast.

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