Sunday, 9 June 2013

Documentary Sunday - DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Sunday's are lazy, so why not take the time to sit down, relax and open your mind to exciting new worlds of knowledge, intrigue and opinions.

"DMT: The Spirit Molecule" is an insightful look into the world's most powerful psychedelic. its natural occurrence in the world and how people have used it to undergo life-changing experiences. Told from the point of view of doctors, chemists, psychiatrists and test subjects the documentary acts as an introduction to the drug and its unlimited potential towards understanding the human species. It never flat out promotes its use however they do not condone it either, instead offering pure scientific evidence as to the use and effects.

Broken down into easy to manage sections, the documentary looks at the chemical composition of DMT, including its role in human brain chemistry and plant life, and the history behind the testing and use of psychedelics before diving into the accounts of a modern DMT test and the lessons that people have learned including how they see it as the key to unlocking the mysteries behind the universe. It's some pretty heavy stuff but it's well presented and the lack of technical jargon makes this an easily accessible documentary.

Who Does it Appeal To?
As mentioned before, this is an easily accessible documentary therefore it can be watched by pretty much anyone with a thirst for knowledge. More specifically however, this is a documentary for people who want to know more about the scientific implications of DMT as well as its endless possibilities.
This documentary does not look to appeal to drug users but rather people who are looking for a purpose or meaning in life.

What to Take Away From It
DMT has the potential to be used as a treatment for a wide variety of psychological disorders as well as the ability to engage people in a life changing experience that could unlock the future of human evolution.

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