Monday, 24 June 2013

New to Netflix UK - 24/07/13

A somewhat lacklustre offering this week...

The Trip to Bountiful - An elderly woman, tired of being trapped at home by her son, manages to escape back to her childhood town. A very emotional and exceptional movie that features the Oscar-winning performance from the amazing Geraldine Page, this is a real movie to see before you die.

The Event (TV) - When his girlfriend ends up missing, a man races to try and find her only to stumble across a huge conspiracy destined to change everything we know. Cancelled after the first season, this mixed bag of a conspiracy show had a fairly dedicated following however the plot proved to be too muddled for most.

Cars 2 - Lightning McQueen gets roped into some international espionage during a high-stakes race in Europe. It says a lot when you consider this movie to be one of the worst Pixar movies and yet admit it's actually pretty watchable.

Northfork - A story about the inhabitants of a town as they evacuate to make way for a new dam and the people the power company send. Visually, poetically and philosophically this movie hits all the right notes but that actual plot and story feels muddled and somewhat lacklustre compared to what we should be experiencing.

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