Saturday, 9 November 2013

Netflix and Marvel Sign Deal for Four Exclusive Superhero Series

Netflix must really be hungry to offer more original content as they've just signed a deal with Marvel to produce four individual series based on the Marvel Universe. This isn't exactly too surprising given that Netflix and Disney already have an exclusivity thing going on, and Marvel are owned by Disney, but it's interesting to note that they are going ahead with a full series (probably ~12 episodes), not just greenlighting a pilot.

The catch? The superheroes in question are from the B-list of superheroes..
-Luke Cage, an excellent fighter with superhuman strength and an amazing durability to harm.
-Iron Fist, an expert martial artist who channels his power through his fists.
-Jessica Jones, who has the ability to fly as well as superhuman strength.
-Daredevil, whose blindness has heightened his other senses making him a formidable fighter.

While the characters may not be from the more popular pages of the comics, the end product should be very interesting as all the characters end up crossing paths in one way or another at some point in their careers.
Luke Cage (as Power Man) and Iron Fist start up a detective agency together called "Heroes for Hire", Iron Fist dons Daredevils persona at one point to prove Matt Murdoch isn't Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are romantically involved and Murdoch employs Jessica Jones as his bodyguard.

The potential for this deal, if handled correctly, would be allowing for each character to cross over into another's story almost seamlessly, much like in the comics (or even like with the Marvel-verse movies).

It's worth noting however that it's unlikely all four will be released at the same time as their plan is to release them over the course of several years, starting in 2015.

I feel really sorry for DC Comics right now.

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