Monday, 4 November 2013

New to Netflix UK - 04/11/13

Nothing too special out this week.

Episodes (TV) - A husband and wife writing team head to America to remake their beloved TV show, but it all falls apart when their lead character is replaced by the unpredictable ex-Friends star 'Matt LeBlanc'. Highly amusing, if somewhat slow, series that has some great laughs but above all gives LeBlanc a chance to show he isn't just Joey (to some degree).

Wake Up - Documentary following a man who wakes up one day to find he has the ability to see other-dimensional entities. The credibility behind it is highly suspect and the sceptics out there will dismiss it as a hoax, however the film provides a unique look on achieving spiritual faith without the hassle of organised religion.

Blackthorn - An aged Butch Cassidy decides to leave Bolvia to finally return home, but his plans are put on hold when he stumbles across a miner who's on the run after stealing money from his employers. The idea of making a 'sequel' to the immortal Roy Hill movie leaves a bad taste in the mouth (no less because of the way it ends) but Blackthorn manages to conjure up a decent 'what if' scenario resulting in a rather sombre epilogue for one of the greatest robbers ever created for the big screen.

The Deep Blue Sea - The wife of a respected judge engages in an affair with an RAF pilot but the passion doesn't last long and it soon begins to break her down both mentally and physically. Incredibly well adapted version of Terence Rattigan's play, the film is heartbreaking to watch but the compelling performance of the lead characters makes this drama a hard one to miss.

Funny Games (1997) - A family on their vacation find themselves in increasingly horrific situations when two charming psychopaths hold them hostage. The original game-changer from Haneke, this film is less about the violence on screen but more about the psychological torment the viewer goes through as the film breaks every horror/thriller trope and movie law.

And apparently there's a movie called Big Fat Gypsy Gangster...
If this is what counts as original ideas nowadays I can see why all the studios are so obsessed with remakes and sequels.

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