Monday, 10 March 2014

New to Netflix UK - 10/03/13

Not much new and noteworthy this week but there's two pretty awesome movies to indulge in.

Toy Story 3 - With Andy all grown up now the toys find themselves relocated to a daytime nursery however they are soon forced to find a way to escape after they learn it is run by a human-hating stuffed bear. Pixar knock the threequel curse out of the park delivering their most affectionate, emotional and nostalgic movie yet and providing closure to one of the greatest series of modern times (until Disney force a forth movie out of them).

21 & Over - An over-achiever spends his 21st birthday doing all the things he never had a chance to do, and then some, leading to a night that soon spirals out of control. It provides some amusement, providing you like these sorts of movies, otherwise it's nothing different from the many other movies about teens 'going wild'.

Stories We Tell - Documentary following Sarah Polley's family as they each recount the families secrets with their own versions and interpretations of what happened. An engaging account of a family that serves as it's own detective story as well as works as a dissection of the family myth and an incredible in-depth look at the way we relate fantasy and reality.

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