Monday, 31 March 2014

New to Netflix UK - 31/03/14

Another somewhat lacklustre week in terms of new content.

Africa - BBC documentary about the world's largest continent. By this point we've seen some of it before and some of it is new but the cinematography is as amazing as it's ever been and Attenborough is still a charismatic tour-de-force.

Fright Night (2011) - After discovering that his new neighbour is a vampire, a teen turns to a Vegas magician for help in bringing him down. The original was good campy fun, nothing special, and yet the remake still manages to deliver a good solid movie with some great performances and an interesting revision on the original story.

An Inconvenient Truth - Documentary following Al Gore as he gives his famous climate change presentations across the world. Say what you will about the man or the subject but the film is still highly engrossing to watch, even if the facts may be slightly skewed to emphasise the apocalypse.

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