Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New to Netflix UK - 26/05/14

Yet another slow week (that's 3 in a row...), though some good titles this time round.

Only God Forgives - A fighting promoter is pressured by his mother to seek revenge for the death of his brother by a renegade police officer. Hyper-stylised and hyper-violent, Refn's Drive follow-up is a brutal and nihilistic tale that may be too much for most.

Reality - A fishmonger with a 'Big Brother' obsession finds himself confronted with delusions of reality and paranoia when he believes himself to be a contestant on the show. Quirky-funny, and a sharp bite at reality TV in general, this Italian comedy-drama is worth a watch even if it never quite holds its footing.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home - A stay-at-home slacker, forced out into the real world on an errand run, finds himself on a quest to save his brothers failing marriage. Although the plot may prove to be pointless to some, there is a lot of heartfelt reality in this indie comedy that's brought to life thanks to an amazing cast and its unique interpretation on the movie 'Signs'.

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