Monday, 2 June 2014

New to Netflix UK - 02/06/14

A pretty good selection this week.

Pulp Fiction - A series of violent and unpredictable intertwining tales following the exploits of criminals as they try and get by in life. It's twenty years old but Tarantino's crime opus still hit's every mark thanks to it's terrific cast and quotable lines.

It's a Disaster - A casual brunch among friends quickly unearths a lot of deep-seated issues among them, a matter only made worse by the dirty bombs that have been set off outside. It's by no means perfect, but a great improv cast and sharp dialogue means this black-comedy ends up hitting all the right notes.

Romeo + Juliet - A modern re-telling of the Bard's classic romantic-tragedy about the two love-crossed children of rival families. It looks the part, and often that's just enough, but anyone looking for a deeper experience will likely not find it.

Days of Glory - Four North African soldiers who enlist in the French army to help fend off the Nazis find themselves fighting the enemy on their own side. Filled with both spectacle and brains, the movie paints a harrowing portrait of the racism men had to endure despite all believing in the same goal.

A Bug's Life - An ant, desperate to save his colony from the villainous grasshoppers, seeks help from a troupe of circus performers, whom he believes to be fearless warriors. Pixar's update of one of Kurosawa's greatest movies is often glossed over for their more popular movies but it still remains a fine example of what great animation actually comprises of.

What Maisie Knew - Divorce as told through the eyes of a 6 year-old girl, who becomes a pawn in a messy custody battle between two very self-centred parents. Heartwrenching to watch but also filled with moments of hope, the movie is one of the most emotional depictions of divorce since 'Kramer vs Kramer'.

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