Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New to Netflix UK - 9/6/14

Mostly just some new (older) Woody Allen films and one excellent supernatural action movie this week.

Odd Thomas - A young man with the ability to communicate with dead people becomes troubled by the dark omens he begins to see around his home town, forcing him to take action. It's a shame that this never saw a cinema release as Sommers' adaption of Dean Koontz's supernatural novels is a remarkably competent piece of entertainment.

Mighty Aphrodite - Discovering that his adopted son is a genius, a father heads out to find the mother but is disappointed to find she's a prostitute, and not a smart one at that. It may not be Allen's finest film but the auteur's attempts to bring Greek drama to the modern age isn't completely without its merits.

Deconstructing Harry - A famous author suffering from writer's block finds his himself facing the difficult choices in his past as events, both real and fictional, play out in front of him. It's become one of his more overlooked films, probably due to the more serious tone of the film, but this is still one of Allen's finer dramatic pieces that showed he wasn't afraid to bare his raw emotion in front of the camera.

Celebrity - A recently divorced husband and wife each find themselves trying to climb the different ropes of the celebrity lifestyle, both with very different results. Another Allen movie that was perhaps ahead of it's time, this is a sharp and scathing look at the glitz and glamour of being famous.

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