Monday, 7 October 2013

New to Netflix UK - 07/10/13

A few good movies out this week, though nothing too special.

Grabbers - When blood sucking aliens terrorise a small Irish community, the residents find that the only way to repel them is by getting drunk. It's not laugh-out-loud all the way through (though when it's funny, it is funny) but thanks to a great plot gimmick the movie ends up being a lot of fun.

Hamburger Hill - Tells the story of the men who tried to take Hill 937 from the Vietnamese in was was considered one of the most violent and vicious battles of the infamous war. It's a tough film to both like and watch, though this might be on purpose based on the authenticity they were aiming for, but if you can endure the gruelling experience you'll no doubt forget it in a hurry.

Quartet - At a home for retired musicians, three friends find their performance in the annual concert put at risk when the forth member of their group suddenly turns up and starts acting out. It's very well acted but the film lacks any real depth and at the end doesn't amount to anything more than a charming film, which sometimes is enough.

Pretty in Pink - A teenager finds herself torn between the affections of the her best friend and the most popular guy in school. While the setting may feel dated it is still one of the most iconic high-school stories that's still relevant today.

Orange County - When his application to Stanford is denied following an error in the form, an aspiring writer hits the road with his brother in an attempt to get accepted, no matter what. Fun, if forgettable, movie that has enough funny moments to keep going and is held up by the strong talents of the two lead actors.

Melancholia - As the earth prepares for a collision with another planet, two sisters try to patch their dysfunctional relationship when one of them is getting married. Very weird but very compelling drama from Von Trier.

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