Monday, 14 October 2013

New to Netflix UK - 14/10/13

Mostly guilty pleasures this week, though there are a couple of more 'intelligent' films available too.

The House Bunny - An ex-Playboy Bunny finds herself in charge of a socially awkward sorority house who only have a couple of months to find new pledges or lose their house. It's a pretty dumb movie, but dumb in a good way, and it's a good showcase for Anna Faris who makes the film just about watchable.

The Help - An author decides to chronicle the lives of African American maids during the 1960's, much to the chargrim of the white housewives. It's a crowd pleaser in all respects of the term but it doesn't ram the social commentary down your throat which makes it a highly enjoyable movie that just happens to have a lot to say on the social status of many American citizens at the time.

Bedtime Stories - A hotel janitor aspiring to become the manager finds that the stories he tells his niece and nephew have the tendency to come true. The combination of Sandler and Disney is enough to put most people off but Sandler is forced to restrain himself, making him watchable, and the result is acceptable piece of escapism that children should enjoy.

A Night at the Roxbury - Two hopeless brothers' dream of opening their own club is brought one step closer to reality when they manage to gain access to an exclusive nightclub. It's pretty dreadful, despite being a guilty pleasure for many, but it does have a good [cheesy] soundtrack and worth watching if you're curious where Will Ferrell started from.

Red: Werewolf Hunter - A descendant of Little Red Riding Hood must protect her boyfriend from her wolf-hunting family after he is bitten by a werewolf. It's a made-forTV movie, so it's not exactly got the best production values but those looking for cheesy fun could do a lot worse and Ms Day is always very watchable.

Identity - Ten strangers, stranded at a motel during a violent storm, have to band together to fend off a murderer. It's one of those movies that starts off as one thing and goes in a completely different direction halfway through, and the result is an exceptionally well-made and intelligent thriller that will have you eager to rewatch it once it's over.

The Odd Couple - After a failed suicide attempt, a man with the penchant of being a 'neat-freak' moves in with his best friend who happens to be a slob. It's a classic for a reason, with Lemmon and Matthau playing off each other with hilarious results.

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