Monday, 28 October 2013

New to Netflix UK - 28/10/13

Mostly just 'watchable' releases this week, including some from the last year.

Saboteur - A factory worker goes on the run after being accused of sabotage and finds himself drawn into a sinister conspiracy. Essentially a reworking of The 39 Steps (which Hitch already masterfully adapted), it's still a thrilling movie in it's own right and still stands as one of Hitchcock's better (but lesser known) works.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Framed for treason, the Joe's must find a way to take down COBRA who have managed to infiltrate the White House. The first film was a mess, and this one is no better, but the action is solid and the new faces to the team help make the experience enjoyable enough, so long as you completely ignore logic.

The Lords of Salem - A DJ plays a mysterious record which begins to cause strange events in the town, including reawakening a witches coven. Rob Zombie is very much an acquired taste and while he manages to conjure up a surreal and nightmarish movie, it doesn't really amount to much beyond that.

Bowfinger - A wannabe director and his crew attempt to make one of the 'finest' sci-fi movies ever and cast a leading Hollywood actor, only he doesn't know it. Thanks to a great cast and a great script, this is a really funny movie that will have you laughing more times than you can count.

Justice - After his wife is attacked, a man makes a deal with a shady businessman who promises revenge in exchange for a favour, but when it comes to repaying the favour the man starts to have his doubts. Less-than-average action/thriller with the Cagemeister that has some cool moments but is otherwise generically bland.

Plus, Thor: The Dark World opens this week at the cinema. Remind yourself how great the first one was.

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