Thursday, 11 July 2013

New to Netflix - Orange is the New Black

The latest offering from the Netflix Originals has been online now for just over a day and (no surprises) it's actually really good. Orange is the New Black follows a woman who's gone to prison for carrying drug money when she was younger and how she has to readjust to her new life.

Fans of Weeds will find the humour and drama a lot more grounded in reality this time around however there is still enough kookiness and laugh-out-loud moments that make it just as enjoyable. What I really like about the series is how each episode explores the backstory of each of the other inmates, allowing for us to connect to them on a much more personal level. Without this element I don't think the series will have had the same impact.

Those of you who are enjoying it will be pleased to hear that a second season is already in the works.

Once again Netflix have scored gold in their content. This is getting worrying as they will have to screw up sooner or later...

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