Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RIP Rescue Me on Netflix UK (a delayed obituary)

So I was pondering what to watch, promising my other half that I would introduce her to something pretty awesome when I said "How about a show about firefighters?"
She replied, "Isn't that kinda serious?"
"Yeh, but this one is special. It's also laugh out loud funny."
Know what show I'm talking about?

I came to the Rescue Me party a little too late, but then also at the right time in that I only started watching it after it ended. I read all the great reviews about the show and also the criticisms but then no one in the UK was showing it on TV (I'm not mentioning Sky, because they steal money from people) so I kinda left it alone.
Then along comes Netflix, who offer all 7 seasons to stream. I start the first episode and the rest is like a blur. I fell in love with the damn thing. The humour, the characters, the storyline...even when the series dragged on, I didn't feel like wanting to give up. And then it ended, and I moved on.
So now is it that when I want to come back to the bloomin' thing, bearing in mind that Netflix is meant to eliminate the need for physical DVD's, is it no longer available for streaming (since July 4th I believe).

Never mind, I'll just buy the DVD then. Oh wait, I can't. They only ever released the first three seasons in Region 2.

I'm against piracy and everything, but when the studios leave us no choice I see no reason why people shouldn't be allowed to resort to such measures. I would try and quote freedom of expression  and etc but I'll probably go of on a tangent and miss the point completely.

In any case, I miss this show. It's available on the US site, but for some reason I feel dirty watching it that way. I want to enjoy it knowing that other people in the UK are also able to enjoy it (or loathe it, by that their intention). Which is annoying because I already watched the first episode and I already remember why I loved it so much to begin with. I need my fix god-dammit!

Rescue Me was one of the most positive aspects of the whole Netflix experience. They brought us a show that we would otherwise have been unable to watch any other way (excluding illegally) and now they have taken it from us.

RIP Rescue Me, I hope they find it in their hearts to bring you back to us.

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