Monday, 8 July 2013

New to Netflix UK - 08/07/13

Didn't find much up for this week, though there should be enough to carry through to next week.

Casino Jack - A lobbyist gets in way over his head when his methods become exceedingly grandiose causing his personal empire to collapse around him. Despite the intriguing (and true) story the film never reaches the heights it really should though it is kept watchable thanks to a solid performance from Spacey.

21 - A numerically gifted MIT student gets recruited into a team of card counters run by a professor who's looking for revenge against a casino boss. Another movie that takes a really cool (and again true) concept but fails to fully bring the material to life, the movie is still fun to watch and once again it's Mr Spacey who steals the show.

Comes a Bright Day - A teen, hoping to ask the girl at the jewellers out on a date, gets taken hostage after robbers storm the place. It's not the most well-put-together movie but there's a decent story here and the acting is convincing enough that makes this British thriller well worth your attention.

White Collar (TV) - A con-man is recruited by the FBI to help out with their white-collar crime division but he has an ulterior motive for joining. Seasons 2 and 3 have finally been added of this immensely enjoyable and stylish TV show.

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