Monday, 22 July 2013

New to Netflix UK - 22/07/13

A couple of good new releases, plus a few that I missed when they came up a while back.

Lawless - Three brothers, responsible for providing their county with moonshine, clash heads with a corrupt law official during prohibition-era America. It's one of the better prohibition-era-set movies in a long long time, and the acting and cinematography are at the top of their game, but the grim nihilism and gratuitous violence may prove too much for some.

False Trail - A top police officer heads back to his own town after a brutal murder is committed convinced that the current suspect is not the main culprit. Sequel to the hugely successful 'The Hunters', the film doesn't quite reach the same heights but it is still evidence that Scandinavian thrillers a cut above the rest.

Samsara/Baraka - Visual documentaries which look at the human spirit in all its forms and faults and the relationship between man and the environment. They doesn't reach the same heights as Koyaanisquatsi (nothing ever does) but they are both still extremely sensory journeys that offer some of the most stunning photography/cinematography ever committed to film.

Ginger and Rosa - Two girls in early 60's London find their friendship put to the test following events shaped by the changing political climate. A well-thought-out drama that poses some tough questions about domestic life during the cold war and is bolstered by some terrific performances.

Rubberneck - An employee at a research facility finds his desire for a co-worker, with whom they shared a one-night stand, develop into something much more sinister. You wouldn't be wrong to dismiss it as self-indulgent but there's enough here to warrant a look in what is an effective indie-thriller.

Captain America: The First Avenger - The cult Marvel hero finds himself up against the sinister Red Skull who has in his possession a cube of unlimited power. One of the big surprises of the Avengers Phase One, the movie is a big throwback to the pulp-action movies of yore and a satisfying blockbuster in its own right.

A Fish Called Wanda - When the leader of a gang of thieves is arrested after a heist, the others try to find a way to pry the location of the loot from his lawyer. A very funny and clever farcical movie that features a stunning cast, with particular mention to Kevin Kline who unleashes one of the maddest characters ever in a crime movie.

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