Monday, 1 July 2013

New to Netflix UK - 01/07/13

It's a new month so what better way to start it than with some new movies to watch.

Holy Motors - Follows the life of a man over the course of a day as he undergoes a vast selection of different disguises, interacting with selected individuals who often require his services. One of the most surreal films of last year, Leos Carax's drama/fanatasy/whatever-the-hell-genre movie is a real blend of cinematic genius, stunning visuals and some severe head-scratching.
[NOTE: This is the uncensored version, unlike the one currently on the US site]

The God's Must be Crazy - When a coke bottle falls fro the sky, it upsets the way of life of a native African village and a man is tasked with destroying the object. Completely offbeat comedy that happens to be a lot more effective than half the stuff coming out of Hollywood today.

Run Lola Run - Lola has twenty minutes to find enough money to save her boyfriend from the local gangster, so can she do it? A well made movie that takes the 'what if' concept to a really creative level and with some thrilling results.

Calendar Girls - In order to raise money, a group of WI members organise a nude photo shoot and become unlikely media sensations. It's harmless and charming and benefits from some good laughs and a stellar cast.

Doom - Adapted from the game, a team of special ops soldiers investigate a remote Mars outpost and find only evil awaiting them. The film is pretty much hated by both critics and fans of the game, but there's an underlying sense of style to this movie that makes it (just) watchable, particularly the scene where they literally go first-person shooter on us.

Red Eye - A girl travelling on a late flight home discovers the person who she's seated next to has his own sinister agenda. Incredibly well made thriller that, thanks to a tight script and an excellent villain, strikes notes not seen since Mr Hitchcock passed away.

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