Sunday, 29 September 2013

Check It Out: Hounds

Just added to Netflix UK is the New Zealand critical sensation 'Hounds', which follows a lawyer who's just been made guardian to his half-sister and owns half of his fathers racing greyhound. But be warned, this is no warm and fluffy family comedy. Hounds bulges with dark humour that will make you think twice while you laugh. Seriously, you will never hate yourself more than the time you laughed when a dog gets put down.
(To give you a better taste of the humour, the dog is called Lundydixonwatson which is the names of three notorious New Zealand murderers. Why? Because why not.)

What really makes this show unmissable is the wide range of characters who, no matter how important they are to the story, feel like they have such full personalities and feel like they could carry their own series if they had too.

At the time of writing, 230 people had averaged the show out at 3 stars but in my opinion this show deserves a lot better. Fans of the Aussie 'Wilfred' should definitely invest their time as the style of humour is practically the same.

Check it out. It's not often you get a chance to watch shows that are this smart or funny.

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