Monday, 16 September 2013

New to Netflix UK - 16/09/13

There's some powerful dramas available this week as well as the addition of one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever made.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) - The crew of the Star Trek Enterprise scour the universe for new life, experiencing intrigue and adventure whether they go. The much debated battle on which version is the best (this one!) can begin now that the first four seasons of the acclaimed sci-fi series is available, featuring great characters and excellent stories this is one of the best series of any kind to grace the small screen.

The Hunt - A teacher trying to rebuild his life after a divorce finds his efforts put to the test when he is accused of being a paedophile. Incredibly well written/acted/realised drama that keeps you glued to the screen even though it's harrowing to watch.

Mars Needs Moms - A young boy is tasked with rescuing his mother after she is abducted by aliens. It's not the greatest movie in the world but the actual animation itself is stunningly realised and it can be fun if you let it.

Spiral (TV) - A new season has been added of this gritty French drama surrounding the Parisian legal system.

What Richard Did - In a single act, a Dublin teenager creates chaos in the lives of the people around him, but he has to come to terms with his actions as it will defy who he will become. Incredibly well acted slow-burn drama that's powerful to watch and leaves a lasting impression imprinted in your subconscious.

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