Monday, 2 September 2013

New to Netflix UK - 02/09/13

Just Go With It - A man pretends he is getting divorced to win over a much younger girl, hiring his assistant to play the role of the wife. It's an Adam Sandler movie, what else is there to say.

Rushmore - A highly gifted but academically lacking student tries to woo the heart of a school teacher while competing against the local industrial tycoon. Wes Anderson's name may not be attached to many movies yet but is still one of his best movies to date and established him as the go-to guy for quirky indie cinema.

The Replacement Killers - A retired hitman tries to make his way home but his former employer has other plans and sends some assassins to kill and replace him. An amicable attempt by Hollywood to emulate the John Woo movement of Chinese cinema, which mostly works when the movie isn't dragged down by the thin plot.

Castle (TV) - A crime writer acts as a consultant for the NYPD, using the detective in charge as inspiration for his new character, against her wishes. It's hardly cutting edge drama but the characters are incredibly well played, especially Fillion as Castle, and each episode solicits enough laughs to make this one of the better Police/Consultant team up shows. (First two seasons)

The Colour of Money - An ageing hustler takes a young upstart under his care, but his tendency to play fast and loose leads to complications between the two men. Interesting sequel to The Hustler that ditches the cool tense drama for something faster, but it's well acted and actually does a good job of standing up to the original.

What About Bob? - While on vacation, a psychiatrist finds himself going crazy when one of his less-stable patients unexpectedly turns up. Amusing comedy, thanks to an always excellent Murray, but a lot of the jokes are predictable and it doesn't quite live up to expectations.

El Mariachi - A guitar player is mistaken for a hitman who carries his guns in a guitar case and becomes the target of the local drug cartel, forcing him to adopt the persona of the man he is mistaken for. Fun uber-low-budget action film from Robert Rodriguez that's just as entertaining as his more modern stuff.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) - Based on the Dumas novel following a man wrongfully imprisoned who manages to escape jail, find riches on a desert island and reinvent himself as a mysterious lord to take down the men who imprisoned him. Enjoyable swashbuckler which, despite the short running time, manages to keep the more important points from the book, even if they are presented in a more Hollywood fashion.

Bruce Almighty - A man, after an argument with God, inherits his diving powers but finds the job much more than he can handle. A decent Carrey vehicle that does exactly what it sets out to do.

Father of the Bride - A young girl tries to impress a male suitor by pretending her father is her elder boyfriend. Odd comedy that's more heartfelt than you would give it credit for but ultimately doesn't quite live up to expectations.

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