Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Valve Presents 'SteamOS', Next-Gen Consoles Die a Little

The gaming company Valve are one of the hottest properties on the market right now. They have a slew of amazing games to their roster (Half Life, Team Fortress, Portal) and have won over gamers by their encouragement to mod the games to the communities heart's content. They also have a good monopoly on the digital distribution market via the Steam platform, which lets you buy and download games and access them on any PC with your account. With cheap daily deals, disc-free gaming, cloud-based saving and a budding online community, this is the future of gaming.

But Valve have been secretly hinting at a new development first believed to be a Steam Box that would sit under your TV and allow you to play games streamed from your PC. As it turns out, the reality is even more futuristic by doing away with the box and having Steam run off of a Linux-based Operating System on apparently "any living room machine".

This means you will be able to stream your games to the TV with almost no hassle whatsoever.

What to expect:
-The system will be 100% free (not the games however) making it easy for manufacturers to license
-Modders will be able to connect with their fan-base to receive tips and suggestions
-All the current features of Steam remain, but with added parental controls and family sharing
-Increased performance from graphics processors and better audio output

It probably won't affect the sales of Xbox One's and PS4's, given that you still have to use what crappy PC setup you currently have, but it's a sure sign that PC Gaming is just as strong as ever and it is early days meaning we could be in for a PC gaming revolution.

There is no physical date for the OS system yet, with Steam promising 'soon'. Given their reputation with this word, it could mean next month or by the end of 2019.

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