Monday, 30 September 2013

New to Netflix UK - 30/09/13

Only one real stand-out this week, a series all the way from New Zealand, otherwise it's a pretty mediocre list.

Great Expectations - A man, who was the recipient of a large sum of money as a young boy, finds himself righting the wrongs of his past when the benefactor makes himself known. A passable, albeit unnecessary, adaptation of the Dickens' classic.

Hounds (TV) - A lawyer finds his life heading in a different direction after his father dies and makes him the guardian of his half-sister, as well as co-owner of their racing greyhound. I can't give enough praise to this exceptionally (if unconventionally) funny series that brims with sharp writing and doesn't shy from presenting you with laugh-out-loud awkward situations.

Won't Back Down - Two mothers take to politics to save their children's failing school while the bureaucracy surrounding them tries to take them down. It's well acted and has a lot to say but the message is so heavy handed that it would be less noticeable if it were hitting you with a bat.

Love Crime - An exec toys with her new assistant, even stealing her ideas, but she underestimates how far her assistant is willing to fight back. Decent, though predictable, psychological thriller that benefits from some well placed twists and good acting.

Texas Chainsaw - Another remake, because why not. This is the 2013 version that was made in 3D. It's still not that good.

16 Acres - Documentary looking at the vast conflicts of interest over building rights to ground zero. It's not going to rock your world and doesn't stand out to people with little interest in the matter but it's a well made doc that shows how absurd the whole situation is, especially given how the site marks one of the greatest trageties in American history.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Having survived their ordeal as children, Hansel and Gretel are all grown up and offer their services as supernatural mercenaries. It's mostly fun, though incredibly silly, and does feel a little too similar to 'The Brothers Grimm'.

Faster - A bank robber just out of prison hits the road to exact revenge on the men who put him there, hotly pursued by a cop out to get him and a hitman out to kill him. The perfect example of the throwaway movie, The Rock makes the revenge flick worth watching and the action keeps you interested but in the end you've seen it all before.

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