Sunday, 1 September 2013

Star Drunk - A Short Movie About a Drunk Space Crew, Made By Drunk People

There's no denying that alcohol can immensely improve upon a movie watching experience (hell, some movies require alcohol to be watched in the first place). Then there comes a time when you're sitting with friends, you've had a few (or lot) and you start talking about how you'd improve the movie. This is normally where the devotion stops. Some people may go further and try to rewrite the film, only to realise in the morning how terrible their version was. What rarely happens is people sit down to write a movie with the intention of writing it drunk, and that's what has happened with Star Drunk.

To make things better, the entire film was acted by drunk actors. And the results are pretty hilarious (as well as pretty successful, all things considering).

One only has to look back at the golden years of Hollywood to remember that every actor would often loose themselves in an alcoholic mist; icons such as Richard Burton, Oliver Reed, Peter O'Toole would normally prove hard to work with such was their devotion to the drink.

If only film-makers back then had just decided to shoot the whole movie with their actors inebriated. Cleopatra would have been a much more impressive spectacle.

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