Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Don't Forget, XBOX 720 Reveal Is Fast Approaching

There's just under 5 hours until the big reveal from Microsoft, so make sure you tune in.

At 5pm GMT (9am PT) Microsoft will finally unleash its next-generation console unto the world, a good three months after Sony unleashed the PS4 (I believe the main event actually starts an hour later though).

As for what we can expect, details are pretty hush hush. What we do know is Infinity Ward have said they will use the launch to promote the new Call of Duty: Ghosts, so fans should keep an eye out. Also there are rumours that a new Forza game will also make its debut at the launch.

Hopefully Microsoft will do a better job than Sony, who managed to tease with what to expect from the PS4 rather than flat-out tell, and that all the promises of the new Xbox will not fall short of peoples goals.

Live streams are available via Xbox.com and GameTrailers however for those of you just wanting the key notes from the event you may be better off waiting until tomorrow when I'm sure YouTube will become rife with content.

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