Monday, 13 May 2013

New to Netflix UK - 13/05/13

Hmm...We seem to have had an influx of Disney movies. They appear to be from the classic Disney years so you can show the kids what it used to mean when the House of Mouse attached their name to a film.
There's a couple of standard movies out too, both of which can be found at the end of the list.

Laziness prevails once again; I will just list out the movies.

Pete's Dragon
The Gnome Mobile
Brother Bear (1 & 2)
Treasure Island
Herbie Goes Bananas
The Incredible Journey (1963)
Davy Crocket
My Favourite Martian (highly underrated)

Special Mentions
Robin Hood (the one with the fox)
The Island at the Top of The World
The Swiss Family Robinson
Blackbeard's Ghost
The Sword in the Stone
The Muppet Christmas Carol

Magic Mike - A male stripper tries to branch out with his furniture enterprise while trying to show a new dancer what it means to be a stripper. So long as you can accept it for what it is, Magic Mike is surprisingly affectionate and funny and also shows the Channing Tatum is a decent actor.

Super Size Me - Documentary following Morgan Spurlock as he pledges to eat nothing but McDonald's meals. A watchable (and at the same time unwatchable) chronicle of how unhealthy fast food really is and how stupid one man is.

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