Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Fastest Ships in Science Fiction

Slate has a pretty cool diagram that details how long it would take for iconic sci-fi vessels to reach landmark places in the universe.

What is pretty surprising is that the USS Enterprise isn't actually all that fast (not when compared to the Galactica or the Millennium Falcon) so all those people pledging to sponsor a real life Enterprise will probably be disappointed by it's possibilities.

As can be expected however, the Tardis is the quickest mode of transportation, what with ripping holes in space time. It's a close tie with the Heart Of Gold, however they don't really factor in that by operating the Heart of Gold, the chances that you will end up where you want to are pretty small, so it probably isn't all that much use.

The Voyager probe just proves at how screwed we are if we ever want to explore the solar system.

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