Sunday, 26 May 2013

Trailer Time - "We're the Millers", "Ender's Game", "Ain't Them Bodies Saints", "Monsters University", "Don Jon", "V/H/S 2" and "Byzantium"

A nice bumper edition of trailers today.

Let's start off with a comedy...
Rawson Marshall Thurber hit the screens big some 9 years ago with the exceptionally funny Dodgeball but he hasn't really made much on an impact since (with only one directing title to his name since). We're the Millers will hopefully prove that he wasn't a one-trick pony, and expectations are high for this one. Jason Sudeikis plays a man who's tasked with muling marijuana from Mexico and comes up with an elaborate scheme involving the creation of a fake family to avoid suspicion at the border. Suffice to say, things don't exactly go as planned. The film also stars Jennifer Aniston (who bares even more skin than she did in Horrible Bosses)n Emma Roberts and Will Poulter (Son of Rambow) as his fake family.

For those of you in the comfort of your own homes, there's also a Red Band Trailer, which shows off a little more Jennifer Aniston, some swearing and some pretty graphic full frontal male nudity. Otherwise the two are pretty much similar.

The film opens 23rd August.

Next up is the first full trailer for Ender's Game which actually came out a while ago but I figured better late than never. The film is an adaptation of the highly popular sci-fi military novel by Orson Scott Card and will be directed by Gavin Hood. Hood, who also wrote the screenplay, broke out onto the movie scene with the exceptional Tsotsi however his other films haven't exactly been of the same calibre (especially X-Men Origins: Wolverine) however Card has been notoriously fussy over who adapts his novel therefore his blessing on this version will hopefully mean that the film is going to be good (as the trailer promises). The film is set in the future where the military oversee the recruitment of children as soldiers to fight an alien race at war with the earth and follows the main character, Ender, who is proving to be a military genius.

If anything, the film looks to be visually impressive however there is some concern over how pro-military the film will be (the book is often used as required reading for the US Armed Forces). We will find out whether the film lives up to its promises on October 25th.

Hardcore drama now with Ain't Them Bodies Saints, the feature directorial debut from David Lowery. The film sees Casey Affleck play an incarcerated man escape prison to be with his wife and newly born daughter. The first half of the trailer seems to echo shades of Mallick in its style (maybe it's just the music) however the latter half shows a much more sinister drama.

The film premièred at Sundance this year where it wowed and stunned critics, with many praising the depths that Lowery explores. No UK release date has yet been set however the main US date is mid-August so we have to wait until the new year.

Something more cheerful and family friendly with the new Monsters University trailer. The film serves as a prequel to the acclaimed Monsters Inc and looks to be a complete return to form from Pixar (after the strangeness that was Cars 2 and the somewhat disappointing Brave). This time we get to see how Mike and Sully first met and became to top scarers that we know them as.

This looks to be a whole lot of fun, and I can already see plenty of Animal House references. Interestingly, preliminary reviews seem to suggest that the movie goes into some very dark territory never before seen in a Pixar movie, so fingers crossed come July 12th.

Don John (previously Don Jon's Addiction) is the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt which sees him star as the titular character who tries to juggle a personal life along with his addiction to porn. The trailer has a nice vibe to it, and as always JGL seems to shine through with his performance. The film also stars Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Tony Danza.

Reviews have been varied, with opinions varying from satisfactory to a very funny and well made character study. The film opens November 15th.

The sequel to last years odd-fish horror movie V/H/S wasn't one many people expected, given the varying quality of the films individual segments, however it seems that they learnt from their mistakes as this time around proves to be even more messed up than before. The wrap around story this time seems to be very similar to before, in that two private investigators look into a teens disappearance and find the tapes, however the actual vignettes themselves look to be very promising. This time the talent is Adam Wingard (You're Next), Eduardo Sànchez & Gregg Hale (The Blair Witch Project), Gareth Evans (The Raid) and Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun).

A Red Band surfaced a while back, so if you didn't catch it then...

Reviewers are already claiming it to be far superior to the previous instalment, with every story apparently as good as the next. Given that the first movie only reached our shores at the beginning of this year, I can't quite tell when we can expect the sequel. The US get it mid-July so we may be lucky to have it in time for Halloween.

Last but not least, the new Neil Jordan movie which sees him return to his vampire roots. Byzantium, based on the Moira Buffini play A Vampire Story (Buffini also wrote the screenplay). The follows a mother and daughter, Gemma Atherton and Saoirse Ronan, both of whom are vampires living in the modern day world but find that their past is slowly catching up to them. Jordan hasn't really had a huge hit in a while (not counting his producing credit on TV series The Borgias) so it's interesting to see him return to the world of vampires once again, especially if the film is anything as promising as the trailer makes it out to be.

Reviews are slowly pouring in, some very positive, others not so much, however the general consensus is that this is a decent vampire movie to wipe away the remaining traces of that other vampire series. The film opens next Friday (May 29th).

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