Thursday, 30 May 2013

Xbox and BT Possibly Teaming Up

When Microsoft announced their console the other week, it was met with much mixed reception. The majotiry of negativity stemmed from the fact that the emphasis on the console was not on the games part but on the TV and home entertainment features, something many gamers took as an offence.

For those of you not in the loop, the Xbox One has the ability to give up-to-the-minute sports news feeds on top of current sporting events as you watch them. Thanks to an integrated system, this allows you to watch major highlights, different POV's and even overlay your fantasy sport team. The one problem? It was a US only feature.

Now BT are claiming that they would like to partner up with Microsoft to offer BT Sport (which just became free for all BT subscribers) via the Xbox One. Talks are in place, and though this isn't a done deal it would seem highly unlikely that a deal wouldn't be cut bearing in mind Microsoft need to regain the support of its European fan-base. The only other viable option is a deal with Sky though, while they are likely to be just as good, I'm hoping that BT will win just because I don't like paying money to the Murdoch empire (especially at those prices).

I doubt we'll still get the same features as the US but if we are lucky, BT might go all in and actually try to mimic the same content add-ons as the ESPN sponsored US deal.

[via TechRadar]

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