Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Trailer Time: "Gravity", "The World's End", "Pacific Rim" and "Thor: The Dark World" PLUS Bonus TV Trailers

A special sci-fi edition of Trailer Time, to comemorate the release of the excellent Star Trek Into Darkness and the successful return of the ISS astronauts.

First on our list is Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the amazing Children of Men. One of the reasons why Children of Men was so fascinating to watch was that
Cuarón relied on single long takes to shoot his scenes, something that's not too easy when you have to orchestrate an entire action sequence around it. In any case, he promises to use the same technique in Gravity, which sees two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) from the ISS become stranded in space following a sudden debris collision with their shuttle.

Apart from the truly stunning visuals, another reason to be excited for this movie is the whole concept of being alone in space; no monster or aliens or supernatural beings, just you. I understand that footage from the film was screened a while back to mixed impressions, but that was based on the concept rather than the execution. In any case, this looks to be a movie worth keeping an eye out for when it opens in October.

Another hotly anticipated movie is the final conclusion to the Wright/Pegg/Frost Cornetto Trilogy. This [rumoured] Mint Flavoured threequel sees a group of friends reunite many years later to complete a pub crawl they failed to finish when they were younger, only to find that their hometown is overrun by what appears to be aliens. Naturally, they must overcome all obstacles to ensure they finally complete their epic saga.

There's many ways this could turn out to be a complete dud but I have strong faith in the guys behind it to provide us with a decent sci-fi comedy. The opens fairly soon on July 19th.

From space and aliens to giant robots and creatures from another dimension, that's what Pacific Rim promises. The latest Del Toro movie is nothing short of ambitious but it certainly looks to provide us with plenty of hardcore robot-on-monster fighting that we haven't seen in a long time. The film follows a group of soldiers who operate giant robots (Jaegers) in an attempt to ward of evil monsters (Kaiju), however when the Kaiju begin to get the upper hand the only chance of humanity's survival rests in what appears to be an obsolete Jaeger.

Del Toro has never disappointed when it comes to providing a visual feast and this looks to kick all his previous efforts into the trash. Expect the fight to start 12th July.

Our final movie is Part 2 of the Second Phase of the Marvel Avenger's movies, Thor: The Dark World. Our favourite God finds himself torn trying to protect Jane from the clutches of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim  while trying to uphold his honour in protecting the Nine Realms.

The first movie was a camp-fest, but it was aware of it and hence turned out to be a highly enjoyable movie. This time we seem to be in for a much darker tone courtesy of Alan Taylor (he of Game of Thrones fame), so let's hope the success from the first can be continued. The film opens 30th October.


A couple of new trailers for TV shows have cropped up and two imediately caught my eye.

In keeping with Thor, abc have released a teaser for their upcoming Anger's TV spin-off Agents of SHIELD, which has just been picked up for a full season. 

So this looks like it could be a whole lot of fun, something along the lines of Heroes meets CSI as produced by Joss Whedon. And yes, Agent Coulson is not dead. 

Wanting more? io9 have listed out some cool things they noticed in the trailer here

Second cool new show is from the guys behind Fringe, which seems to be a buddy-cop adaptation of Robocop, with one officer human and the other a robot. Oh, and the human doesn't like robots. Bet that got your attention.

Fringe turned out to be one of the greatest TV sci-fi shows of the last few decades thanks in part to it's great characters but also due to the 'what-the-hell' laws of physics the writers decided to break for that episode. Lets hope the same level of excellence can be brought to this series as without a proper direction, this one could get very boring quickly.

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