Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Interview - Aniwey, Creator of 'Candy Box'

Yesterday I wrote a post about a couple of games I had recently played and the one that immediately stood out was a little web-based creation called Candy Box. What starts off as a simple game of just eating candies soon evolves into a great little experiment that involves doing quests, upgrading weapons and farming lollypops.

As an added bonus to my discovery, aniwey was very kind to respond to some questions I asked in an email.

Can you explain a bit about yourself?
I'm a 18 years old french student in first year of computer science. I love coding, and games are quite interesting to code. I guess that's why I'm making games.

How did you come up with the idea for Candy Box?
While making the game, I always kept one thing in mind : I wanted to make a game which I would like to play to. My favourite aspect of the game is "nothing at first, and then it grows !"

How long did it take to program?
It took me about two months to program
Can you see Candy Box evolving into a larger idea (such as world exploration/building, communication/trade with fellow players)?
I think the game can evolve by turning towards a RPG game. So world exploration, and maybe building, would be great, but I won't implement any trade with other players, I don't think this game is made to be a MMO.

What games (other than Candy Box 2) would you like to work on in the future?I'd like to work on independent games. I made this one alone, but I would prefer to work in a team. I don't have any other idea yet, at the moment I'm focusing on the sequel

How many people (roughly) are currently playing Candy Box?
I can't know how many people are playing the game right now since there's in fact no communication between the browser and the server apart when saving & loading. But I can tell you that there are currently 445929 unique saves

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you check out Candy Box.

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