Tuesday, 17 December 2013

New to Netflix UK - 16/12/13

It's a bit of a late post but there's some good stuff here...

Chuck (TV) - After a computer nerd accidentally gets top-secret CIA files implanted in his brain, he is forced to accompany two of their top agents as they try to take down a sinister terrorist organisation. Surprisingly decent spy comedy series that works thanks to Levi's great comic presence and Baldwin's physical presence. All five seasons are available though the show starts to go downhill by season 4.

Adventure Time (TV) -In a post-apocalyptic wasteland colourful fantasy version of earth, inhabited by candy-creatures and magical animals, a boy and his dog go out in search of adventure and to battle evil. It may be a kid's show but there is a lot in here to cater to the needs of an adult who grew up with the golden-era of cartoons, or simply people who have a love for whimsical D&D-inspired shows.

Black Rock - An island holiday for three friends turns into a battle for survival after they meet some people from their past. Though it's better than most people give it credit for the film can feel a bit loose at times and this can affect the otherwise tense atmosphere of the movie.

The Words - A writer finds his past comes back to haunt him after it becomes apparent that the best-seller he wrote was another person's idea. A prime example of a love/hate movie, you will either find yourself drawn in by the compelling story and complicated characters or bored by the messy and unconvincing narrative.

The Short Game - Netflix Original documentary about 7 year-old golfers as they strive to win the coveted 'world champion' title. It can be at times charming but it is otherwise one for true golfers.

Dirty Wars - Documentary following a reporter as he uncovers the truths behind America's covert wars and operations and the impact they have on the world, even if no one ever knows about them. Compelling and highly relevant look at the shady dealings behind the world's greatest superpower, what makes this movie one to watch is that without it you would otherwise have no idea what was going on.

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God - Documentary following the sudden wave of sexual abuse claims against the Catholic Church as it's traced all the way to inside the Vatican. Gibney is one of the most important documentary makers of our time and he turns his keen eye onto one of the most shocking revelations of the modern age, providing a gruelling experience that's as informative as it is horrific.

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