Monday, 23 December 2013

New to Netflix UK - 23/12/13

No new movies this week it seems, disappointing given its the Christmas week.
If new content crops up during the week I may be forced to do an extra post...

Dexter (TV) - A Miami forensics expert tries to hide his serial killer alter-ego. The last two seasons have finally been added and while the show can never live up to the greatness that was Season 2 or 4, the series does start to get better after the stale last two seasons. Season 7 sees Dexter goes up against a Ukranian crime boss looking for revenge while Debra deals with the fallout of learning about Dexter's true nature. Season 8 has a mysterious figure from Dexter's past come back to haunt him as he and Miami Metro take on a sinister killer called 'The Brain Surgeon'.

Californication (TV) - A writer struggles with alcoholism, sex addiction and writer's block in California while desperately trying to keep his family together. Season 5 of this criminally underwatched series picks up three years after Hank's lucky escape from a jail sentence and sees him living in New York with a new bestseller about to be released only for Charlie to drag him back to California where Hank has to deal with the fact everyone else has moved on.

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