Monday, 2 December 2013

New to Netflix UK - 2/12/13

An interesting mix this week including forgotten classics, game-inspired-series' and some rather excellent kids shows.

Farscape (TV) - After getting sucked into a wormhole, an astronaut finds himself in the midst of a full scale war and bands with a small alien crew on the run from a violent military species. Though largely forgotten, there's no denying that many elements of Farscape - notably the complex plots, edgy humour and dark storylines - would influence many the modern sci-fi shows, but it still remains a gripping piece of space opera and a must watch for anyone with a love of the genre. (All four seasons are available, but no Peacekeeper Wars).

Warehouse 13 (TV) - Season 4 has been added of this show that follows a secret government organisation who track down historical artefacts that possess supernatural behaviours. It took me a while to get into the series but once you're hooked that's it, and it seems that it just gets stronger and stronger with every season.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - After being framed for an attack on the Kremlin, the IMF have to track down a dangerous terrorist who's stolen nuclear launch codes while finding a way to prove their innocence. Despite being Brad Bird's first live action debut, this is one hell of a great movie with all the action/suspense/humour/gadgets you would expect from the franchise, and it is by far the best one yet.

Munich - After Israeli athletes are assassinated by Palestinian radicals at the '72 Munich Olympics, a covert squad of Mossad agents is put together to exact revenge on those responsible. Spielberg crafts a finely weaved tale of revenge and determination that, powered by some exceptional performances, makes for a very enjoyable suspenseful thriller.

Dragon - A martial artist, looking for a clean break, finds himself stalked by a persistent detective determined to prove he's responsible for many unsolved violent crimes. It's not the most robust thriller ever made but it keeps you hooked until the end with it's deep characterisation and some well choreographed fight scenes..

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Cadets at a military training academy find their knowledge and skills put to the test following a sudden attack by hostile aliens. It's really one for the Halo fans out there but this movie (compiled from the web-series) is actually surprisingly well made and, even if the acting feels a little flat at times, it probably is one of the best video game movies made.

Video Game High School (TV) - After successfully defeating one of the top gamers, a gamer with next to no social life finds himself enrolled at the prestigious Video Game High School, a facility that aims to produce the best gamers on the planet. Another one for gamers, this diverting series was created by Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump (formally FreddieView), a popular YouTube contributor who incorporates game logic into the real world with special effects, and that's pretty much what you get here.

Regular Show (TV) - The adventures of a blue jay and raccoon and how they cope with their boring jobs as park grounds-keepers. It may be a kids show but there's something about this one that makes it highly entertaining for adults to (like Adventure Time), what with its bled of surreal humour and otherwise 'grown-up' situations.
[Netflix have announced that this should have been released on Dec 9th]

Netflix have also made available some of the classic Cartoon Network shows.
- Samurai Jack
- Courage the Cowardly Dog
- Jonny Bravo
- Dexter's Laboratory
- The Powerpuff Girls
Fingers crossed we get the golden era of Hanna-Barbera shows too...

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