Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Trailer Frenzy (part 1) - Godzilla, +1, We Are What We Are, Neighbours, Dom Hemingway, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Monuments Men

Part 1 of a bumper selection of trailers.

Starting off with the big one, Gareth Edwards brings the big monster back to the big screen in an attempt to erase all memory of the last Hollywood outing.

A top secret mission, soldiers jumping out of a plane, a destroyed city, frightened people, that shadow, that roar. Hopes are exceptionally high for this one and this teaser does exactly what it sets out to do. It's a shame they'll ruin any anticipation with another trailer (the typical Hollywood "let's-show-off-all-our-major-set-pieces-so-you-know-how-much-money-we-spent-on-it" trailers) as this one just sets the mood so well, giving us just enough to begin desperately counting down until May 16th.

It may fool you into thinking it's another 'Project X'/'21 And Over' movie, but get half-way through the trailer and there's a clever little twist that makes this indie film catch your attention.

The idea is a nifty take on the teen-party-gone-wild scenario, almost Project X meets Primer, and preliminary reviews seem to be favourable towards it. I personally think there should be more movies like this out there, just because they actually try to upset the norm (even if they do end up being bad). No actual release date for the UK yet however something tells me this will probably end up heading straight to DVD.

We Are What We Are
 Jim Mickle (director of the criminally under-seen vamp horror 'Stakeland') offers his take on the watchable Mexican film about a family of cannibals.

It looks to be a very dark and grim affair indeed. The current consensus seems to be that it's a competent remake ('Let Me In' style) that offers an authentic horror experience without resorting to cheap thrills. This has apparently already opened in the UK...one for next Halloween methinks...


Not an adaptation of the Aussie soap, this film sees a new family waging war on the frat house that just moved in next to them. This is the Red Band trailer (which is arguably a lot funnier than it's counterpart) so don't watch this at work.

 It's probably going to be a dumb movie but it's brought to you by Nicholas Stoller, who made us laugh at Russell Brand in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', so this should still be an entertaining watch. Plus Zac Efron has still got some ways to go to shed his Disney image and this seems to be a good way to do so. Film opens May 9th.

Dom Hemingway
The director of 'The Matador' and 'The Hunting Party' returns with a film about a robber released from jail and going after what he's owed...while enjoying himself along the way.

There's also a Red Band trailer which gives a much better indication of which direction the humour heads in.

The reviews for this have been mixed, with many pointing out that the story doesn't really work, but they all agree that Jude Law dominates as the titular character...and who can blame them. Plus it's also nice to see Grant in a role that's not too far removed from Withnail. Again, this film has apparently already opened, which is weird as I never saw any listings for it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson films take far too long to make. Far...too...long.

Say what you will about the man but he has a unique visual brilliance about him that makes anything he touches turn into a wonder of quirkiness. After the more straight forward Moonrise, this looks to be a return to form, full of whimsical nonsense (in the most flattering use of the term) and amazing characters, and is one of my most anticipated films of next year, opening March 7th.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
Ben Stiller tackles the classic James Thurber story about a man who resorts to escapism to cure his mundane life.

It was at one pointed mooted for Oscar buzz but that seems to have all gone away since critics have taken a dislike to the movie, which is a shame as it does look somewhat magical. Normal people on the other hand seem to be more positive about it, but you can make your own mind up when it opens on Boxing Day.

The Monuments Men 
George Clooney puts together an Expendable's-style ensemble of 'oldies' whose job it is to save art from the Nazi's.

Clooney has had a pretty strong track record when it comes to directing and his latest effort looks to continue that trend. The film alone should be worth watching for both Murray and Goodman (who seem to be less and less on our screens at the moment) however the subject of the movie itself is one that hasn't been seen before so this could turn out to be a very memorable experience. It opens February 14th.

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