Monday, 30 December 2013

New to Netflix UK - 30/12/13

It's almost the New Year, so lets hope we get a wider variety of content soon...

The Good Wife (TV) - A housewife returns to work as a lawyer in order to make ends meet after a humiliating scandal involving her husband. Law dramas are almost as common place as police procedurals but strong leads and good storytelling help to keep this series above the others.

A Late Quartet - An ageing group of musicians' inner demons come to light when one of them announces his retirement following a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Not to be confused with the more humorous Quartet (also available), the movie is a captivating drama fuelled by excellent performances and is a sombre portrait of escalating egos and mortality.

Like Crazy - A relationship between an English and an American is put to the test after she is deported for overstaying her visa, forcing them to cope with the long distance. Surprisingly decent romantic drama, particularly given the track record of these kinds of movies, that is made all the more heartfelt by the realistic and natural performances of the lead actors.

Wuthering Heights - After being rescued from poverty, a young boy develops a relationship with his foster sister, but the relationship becomes more complicated as they grow older. Dissecting the classic novel to its rawer elements, Arnold's film is in some ways the best film adaptation of the novel but also the worst straight forward adaptation, and while fans of the novel might whine about the lack of key plot elements, many will revel in the new take on the story that's brought to life by a great cast and keen direction.

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