Saturday, 7 December 2013

Telltale Games Announce Two New Series

Telltale Games, despite having a rough patch in regards to their point-and-click games, stunned gamers everywhere when they released their Walking Dead series. Keeping a faithful tone to the original comics, the series proved to be an exercise in making tough decisions and caring about the characters in the game, something which few games can lay claim to, and remains one of the greatest story-driven games of the 21st Century.

They recently released a series based on Bill Willigham's Fable comics called 'The Wolf Among Us' (currently on episode 2), which sees fairy-tale and folk creatures hiding out in the modern world under human disguises, which was also well received by critics, with many drawn to it's violent noir atmosphere.

Now, witha second series of the Walking Dead of the Walking Dead on the way, Telltale have just caught the attention of every gamer with their announcement of not one, but two new games, one of which is based on a highly lucrative fantasy TV series.

At the VGX awards, the company announced they would be adding series based on both Game of Thrones and Gearbox's Borderlands games. Not much is known about their Game of Thrones series (chances are it will be a prequel, given the nature of previous titles) but their Borderlands game (called 'Tales from the Borderlands') is promised to incorporate the wit and atmosphere of the popular first-person shooter while being a completely different experience.

A trailer was released for Tales from the Borderlands as well as Game of Thrones, but the latter hasn't made it to YouTube yet.

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