Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Trailer Frenzy (part 2) - Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, Open Windows, All Is Bright, The Double, Anchorman 2, The Raid 2, X-Men, Jupiter Ascending, Bad Words, Spiderman 2

More trailers...

Inside Llewyn Davis 
A semi-musical drama chronicling the rise of folk music in 60's New York and directed by the Coen Brothers? Sold.

Out of 15 full length features, they have only made two questionable movies. Suffice to say their latest effort is nothing short of a must see following the sprawling epic that was True Grit. The critical response has been nothing short of phenomenal so expect this one to eat up awards like...like a Coen Brothers movie. It opens January 24th.

Alexander Payne's follow-up to 'The Descendants' puts us once again on a journey of self discovery, full of humour and (possibly) tragedy.

Another movie that's likely to eat up awards (given the already glowing response), hopefully giving Bruce Dern that Oscar he's deserved for so long. The film should have opened last Friday (8th), so I guess it's a matter of finding the right cinema...just do it fast.

Open Windows 
Nacho Vigalondo gave us the mind-twisting time-travel thriller 'Timecrimes' and the offbeat romantic-comedy-with-alien-invasion conception that was 'Extraterrestrial'. For his latest effort, he seems to be channelling the world of voyerism.

Elijah Wood seems to have made a name for himself starring as creepy weirdos (to be fair he does it really well) and it has an actress who I'm sure I've seen before...somewhere...In any case, this looks to be a unique thriller, given that it's supposedly shot in real time only from the computer camera. No UK release date as of yet.

All Is Bright 
'Junebug' director Phil Morrison returns to the chair after a lengthy absence to spin the tale of an ex-convict who is forced to sell Christmas trees to buy a gift for his daughter for Christmas.

The reception has been mixed but it seems Rudd and Giamatti have good chemistry and it could prove to be a decent alternative Christmas movie...if it's ever released, as there's no date set.

The Double 
Richard Ayoade (aka Moss from IT Crowd) wowed us with 'Submarine' and he looks set to wow us again with a thriller about a doppelgänger.

'Loosely' based on the Dostoevsky novel, there's no denying that this trailer brims with style, showing everything we need and yet revealing nothing. It opens April 4th.

Anchorman 2
They've teased about it for so long, and it's finally here.

Apart from the fact Ferrell and Carell don't seem to have aged as well as their team mates, this looks to be exactly what we wanted. Be classy for December 18th.

The Raid 2: Berandal
The Raid was among the top action movies of 2012 (hell, it was one of the best action movies in a very long time). It was brutal and unforgiving...and it's sequel is set to top it. See the Red Band below now.

Set 2 hours after the first, Berandal ("thugs") was intended to be the original movie however 'The Raid' was made due to low funding. God only knows what we are in for if this is the movie they wanted to show us. No exact date has been set but expect it spring/early summer.

X-Men: Day of Future Past 
The most popular storyline of the X-Men universe gets the big-screen treatment in an attemoot to tie in all the movies...and it's directed by Bryan Singer.

Despite the fact they lifted the music from other movies, this trailer does everything right in getting people excited once again for a full-on X-Men movie, reuniting the original cast and the First Class cast. See it May 22nd.

Jupiter Ascending 
The Wachowski's return, not to confuse us (hopefully), but to wow us.

So. Much. Epicness.
It looks insanely ambitious, just what you'd expect from the Matrix duo. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into another Chronicles of Riddick fiasco, although in any case the action and visuals look stunning. July 25th is when all will be known.

Bad Words 
Jason Bateman goes behind the camera (and in front) in a tale about a man who stays at an 8th grade level so he can compete in spelling bees. Yes, really. Red Band trailer ahoy...

In all fairness this doesn't look too bad. Bateman has a certain charisma about him that makes him highly watchable and the insanely bad-taste ongoings in this trailer add a lot of promise to this title that could end up being as heart-warming as it is crass. It opens sometime next year. Probably.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 
The sequel where they try to repeat everything that went wrong with Spidey 3, only trying to get it right this time...

I didn't think too much of the reboot. The actors were fine (no JK Simmons though) and it was a refreshing take on the character but it's still too soon. Looking at this...it looks promising but it also looks hideous (seriously, what's up with the CGI for these movies). Only time will tell, it opens April 18th.

And that's all the upcoming movies for a while. There's absolutely nothing else to mention. No sprawling fantasy epic. No part 2 of any kind.

The Hobbit: The Desoulution of Smaug 
 It opens in naught but a few days, but what the hell. It's Christmas...

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