Friday, 5 April 2013

New to Netflix UK - 01/04/13

It's a very late post but there's quite a lot of new stuff up.

Rambo - John Rambo's back, this time in Burma where he's tasked with rescuing a group of Christian missionaries. He's gone a long way from the original anti-war hero but the forth instalment, while considerably racist for some tastes, has enough OTT action for the die-hard fans of the series.

The Cabin in the Woods - Five friends take a summer vacation in an isolated cabin, but the familiar story doesn't quite pan out as expected. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's love/hate letter to horror films hits all the right notes with some incredibly well placed humour and plenty of shocks and gore.

The Shawshank Redemption - A man slowly adjusts to life inside prison after being falsely accused of murdering his wife. Featuring tour-de-force performances from the entire cast, the film is a triumph ion storytelling and remains once of the greatest films ever made.

Wilfred (TV) - A man tries to live a normal life despite being convinced his neighbour's dog is a man in a costume. This quirky Aussie comedy makes the most of it's unusual premise and quite often ventures into unfamiliar territory regarding its bizarre storyline.

Grown Ups - Five friends reunite and get to grips with where they are in life compared to where they wanted to be when they were children. Some people really liked this movie and now you have a sequel on the way...thanks...

Reign of Fire - When dragons ravage a modern England, a group of survivors take it upon themselves to eliminate the threat once and for all. It's not a work of art and the characters and story are basic at best but it has enough thrills for a casual Saturday afternoon viewing session.

Judge Dredd - Dredd finds himself a victim of his own justice system when he's framed for murder and must find a way to clear his name. It's a bad movie, which makes it enjoyable to watch, but avoid at all costs if you are a fan of the comic books.

Crimson Tide - Allegiances between the crew of a nuclear submarine are tested when the orders to launch a missile come through despite concern that the orders are wrong. With some decent acting and some well placed moments of tension, the film comes out as a better-than-average submarine movie.

Republic of Doyle (TV) - Season 2 of this comedy/crime show which follows a family of private investigators in a Canadian seaside town. It's light-hearted entertainment but there's a certain level of charm to it that makes it very watchable.

Insomnia - A veteran detective is sent to Alaska to aid in the investigation of a murdered girl, but his case is jeopardised when the killer sees him accidentally killing his partner. An exceptionally well made thriller from Christopher Nolan which boasts an excellent from performance from Pacino as well as a rare villain turn for Williams.

Not Another Teen Movie - Spoof of all those teen movies from the late nineties - the plot is pretty irrelevant. It's arguably worse than the movies it parodies but providing you have enough hatred for these movies, there are a enough clever bits to warrant one viewing.

The Prisoner (TV) - Remake of the classic British series, which finds a man with no memory plotting his escape from an isolated prison. It lacks the originality and feel of the original however the series does manage to serve up some new and unexpected twists.

Milk - Biopic of openly gay politician Harvey Milk, chronicling his rise to power and sudden murder. It's a well made drama and boasts some incredible performances but it has been over-hyped as to how good it really is.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Adaptation of the book by the same name, where a young girl is sold to a Geisha house and must withstand the cruelty of her owners as well as the jealous advances by her fellow peers. Fans of the book may be disappointed but the set design is definitely its strong point and the film does a good job of drawing you into the troubled world of Chiyo.

Slacker - A series of shorts following a group of college dropouts as they go about their daily lives. Seminal cult classic from Richard Linklater, the film has a very raw approach but still manages to be oddly captivating to watch.

Pretty Woman - A rich businessman hires an escort to accompany him to a series of formal events only to fall in love with her. It's a typical rom-com that's bolstered by some reasonably good perfomances by its lead stars.

Right at Your Door - After a series of chemical weapons go off in downtown Los Angeles, a man quarantined inside his home finds himself pushed to breaking point while trying to find his wife. It's one of the few films that uses a chemical weapon scenario and looks at the effect it has on the human mind and the result is a tense thriller with some shocking twists littered throughout.

In addition to all these, Netflix has made available some gay interest movies. I can't personally comment on their quality however member reviews generally put them around three to four stars.

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