Monday, 8 April 2013

New to Netflix UK - 08/04/13

I think I got most of the new titles with my late post from last weeks Netflix listings, but there's still a couple more to mention.

War Games - A young gamer hacks into a war simulation, not knowing that he's in fact playing with a very active nuclear weapon system. It's a classic that's pretty dated now but it still has a great performance by Matthew Broderick (what happened to him anyway?) and features the greatest solution to defeat any rogue AI system.

Seabiscuit - A racehorse in Depression-era USA manages to lift the spirits of the people through a series of amazing victories. It's a compelling drama that will entertain people even if they aren't a fan of horse racing.

A Bronx Tale - A boy falls under the influence of the local gangster, causing his father to rise up to try and protect him. De Niro does a good job with his first directorial job (having learnt a good deal from his time with Scorsese) resulting in the solid morality tale.

Also, for any Maggie Thatcher enthusiasts, The Iron Lady is available to stream. Whether or not you agree with how she was portrayed in the movie is entirely your opinion.

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