Friday, 19 April 2013

New to Netflix (Special Edition) - Hemlock Grove

To be fair this could have waited until Monday, but what the hell...

The new Netflix Original series, Hemlock Grove, is now available in its entirety (13 episodes). The Eli Roth produced supernatural show has mad mostly positive reviews so far (though not quite as stunning as House of Cards, but this is a different fish entirely) and promises to help you forget the nightmare that was the Twilight saga.

Following the death of a young girl, the town starts to ponder who the killer is; but how can you find a killer in a town where everyone isn't who they say they are? As a result, two lads (both suspects in the murder) decide to team up to catch the killer themselves only to awaken the darkness that lies within the town. Still not convinced? Here's the (highly) red band trailer.


The plot sounds like a fantastic blend of Twin Peaks (which was already weird to begin with) and your typical mythical fantasy fare. It is based on the book by Brian McGreevy, although I don't have any indication as to how faithful the adaptation is.

I haven't yet had time to watch much but from what I've seen it looks to be fairly in the same ball park as True Blood, but somewhat more bizarre (is that even possible?). The clip that was posted a few weeks back showing the werewolf transformation was particularly exciting and gruesome (although it did remind me a bit of the shapeshifter transformations in the Supernatural TV show). In any case, check it out for yourselves if you dare!

This seems to mark the second big hit from Netflix and their foray into producing their own content but there seems to be big big things on the horizon (and I'm not just referring to the eagerly awaited forth season of Arrested Development). If they can keep this up, it will put them leagues ahead of their current competition (on a related matter, did anyone see the trailer for the Amazon Zombieland TV spinoff?? Don't, it's shockingly terrible).

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