Monday, 22 April 2013

Rant - Iran and the Nuclear Program: What Should Be Done

For a blog that's meant to be half about engineering, I understand that there's very little of it on here (not my fault but there's not too much going on in the world of technology right now). To make matters worse, I will now turn my hands at politics despite having no authority in the matter.

There's a lot going on in the world right now, whether it's because of a spoilt short man in Asia or the business of Iran and their Nuclear Program. I just read on the BBC that the US were going to deploy $10billion worth of missile defences to Israel as a show of support against Iran, but is this really the correct option? History tells us that the process of showing who has the superior fire-power only ever ends in tragedy.

Iran keep claiming that they are using the program as a means for alternate energy and not to develop weapons. I'm saying I believe them but you have to look at the fact that nuclear power is becoming a go-to source to replace fossil fuels. I know the Fukushima melt down was a severe disaster but the majority of the problems stemmed from lack of proper care over the plant and so should not really be used as an excuse not to go for nuclear power.

In any case, nuclear fuel is relatively cheap to produce and can create huge amounts of jobs, both skilled and unskilled and therefore it makes sense for developing countries to utilise this type of energy. It does bring into account with what to do with the radioactive by-products however, seeing that they can easily be manufactured into weapons.

If Iran are telling the truth then what have they to lose by not showing the US and others what they are doing? I understand there's a matter of pride and the fact that they would be giving into peer pressure however if they are innocent, it will give them superior political leverage after being mistrusted for all these years. After all, who could resist in having something so juicy to rub into America's face. The harsh reality is that they are probably producing weapons, but most likely as a response to increasing weapons manufacture with countries they see as unfriendly.

But back to the nuclear energy point, I don't understand why there isn't a universal Nuclear Energy program where any country, regardless of it's current political status, can apply for. The fact that the program would be governed by leading countries would ensure that all waste is properly disposed off and that no weapons are created but it also gives countries the necessary technology to push forward their development.

But then this is all just speculation. World politics are far more complicated than I would ever dream of. I just like the idea that there is probably a solution in some alternate reality.

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