Monday, 15 April 2013

New to Netflix UK - 15/04/13

Not too much to talk about this week.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse - The saga continues whether you want it to or not and this time there's talk of a safe haven for survivors. After the enjoyable mess of the third film, the forth is another step in the wrong direction (still no sign of movie number 2 though).

The Other Guys - You've watched the movies about the two great detectives who solve all the crimes with car chases and explosions, well here's the movie about the two other detectives instead. Enjoyable Will Ferrell movie that's much funnier than it should have been.

Born on the Forth of July - Biopic of Ron Kovic, who went from Vietnam War casualty to anti-war activist. Compelling drama from Oliver Stone and featuring a stunning performance from Mr Cruise.

Taps - A group of cadets put their military training to good use when developers try to turn their academy into luxury housing. The movie feels like a disjointed mash-up of 'If...' and 'Red Dawn', swapping action for drama, but it's well acted and still presents a strong message about the true definition of honour.

Bottom (TV) - This supposed BBC cult classic is available to stream, which follows the exploits of a couple of low-lives and their get rich/laid quick schemes that never work.
(Rik Mayal fans will also be pleased to know that Drop Dead Fred is available. Phoebe Cates fans should look away in horror.)

The kids will be pleased to know that they've added a few of the Dreamwork's TV shows to the site, so now they can have slightly larger doses of Po from Kung Fu Panda or Hiccup and the gang from How to Train Your Dragon.

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