Monday, 22 April 2013

New to Netflix UK - 22/04/13

Not too much this week, but then I guess Hemlock Grove should keep most people busy.

Hemlock Grove (TV) - First season of the Eli Roth produced horror where two suspects in the murder of a young girl team up to find the real killer in a town where supernatural beings exist. Fans of gory supernatural popcorn media will be in heaven here whereas those looking for more drama will have to sink their teeth elsewhere.

A Cool, Dry Place - After being abandoned by his wife, a man moves to a small town with his son and tries to juggle the responsibilities of being a dad and being a provider. It may feel like a made-for-TV drama but there is sincerity to be had in the movie, not least thanks to some strong acting from a then-still-relatively-unknown Vince Vaughn.

If I want to Whistle, I Whistle - Drama where a young man, threatened by his mother to separate him from his brother, takes a hostage to use as leverage against her. It's a tough drama to endure and unfortunately it's not always correctly executed but it's still a compelling watch that features some very raw performances.

Elephants Dream 4 Hour - Skipping my conventional format here but what the hell is this? It claims to be an experimental short but it it runs at just over four hours long (I guess the title means Elephants Dream (looped for 4 hours)). The sound wasn't working when I tried watching it (or is it on purpose) but the animation looked decent enough, though the split screen format was odd (to be polite). Netflix do put these weird things up every now and then but we should support it. Shouldn't we?

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