Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"The Man From Nowhere" is still up on Netflix

 The film is back in the online selections as of 13/04. They obviously took it down due to some technical error.]

A couple of weeks ago I heard about a Korean thriller by the name of 'The Man From Nowhere', whose plot can best be summarised as Leon meets Taken, and was pleased to find it was available on the US version of Netflix (buying the DVD in the UK would set you back a good £30 so it's obviously a rare treat). I kept putting off watching it as reviews had stated that it was very dark and hence I thought I should have to find myself in the mood to watch it.

In true accordance with Murphy's Law, the day I felt like watching it was the day it was no longer available. I searched through all the Korean movies available and also checked the UK site but with no luck. The worse thing about it was that I had only looked at the title a few days before and there had been no indication that Netflix were going to take it down (and in fact when you search for it they don't seem to acknowledge the film even exists).

Today, while browsing through the thrillers, I stumbled across the movie. I immediately clicked on the link but Firefox chose that exact moment to crash and forget what page I was on. So back to the thrillers I go, but it's not there. It's not in Korean movies and you still can't search for it. What the hell???

Luckily I just went back through my history but the film still appears to be up, you just can't select it via the usual route.

I attach the link to it's current location (which I hope will work for other users) here.

Obviously to watch it you need a Netflix account and you should be currently logged in for it to work properly.

UK subscribers, have no fear for you can still watch it, just install the free Hola Unblocker add-on for Firefox or Chrome to take you instantly to the US site (as well as other location specific sites).

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